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Sunday, May 28th

Parish Picnic

Our annual parish picnic will be held on Sunday 28 May at 10:00am at Patawomeck Park (25 Chopawamsic Pkwy in the Widewater area), starting with the Holy Eucharist and use of the park’s playground equipment, a covered pavilion, restroom facilities and plenty of paved parking.   The vestry will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, and beverages, and parishioners attending will bring side dishes and desserts to share.  Bring your whole family, plus friends and neighbors to share in the fun and enjoy the day together.  On this day, the 7:30am worship service and the 6:00pm worship will be held as usual in the historic church.

Vacation Bible School

Our annual VBS program, Hero Central, will take place June 26-30 from 9 am - noon. Registration forms for children ages 3 - 5th grade (entering in September) are available on the church website and in the church office. Volunteers are needed. Please contact Kristen Morgan if you are available any mornings of VBS week.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rector's Sabbatical

With official endorsement by the Vestry, and after nearly 13 full years at Aquia Church, Father Morris will be on sabbatical throughout June, July, and August.  More details about the purpose and plans of this sabbatical are available in the March, May, and (upcoming) June issues of the Cross Section newsletter or directly from Father Morris (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 540-659-4007).  During this sabbatical, our parish will be in very capable hands:  senior warden Joseph Howard will serve as chair of the Vestry, assistant rector Father James Rickenbaker will serve as our primary spiritual leader and have full responsibility for everyday operations, and the lay staff members and the Vestry will continue to fulfill their duties.  Please keep Father Morris, our other leaders, and our entire parish in your prayers during this sabbatical period for professional development, renewal of perspective, research into various matters, recreation, and refreshment. 

Attention Prospective Acolytes: Those who serve as acolytes – typically at our 9:00am and 11:15am worship services, and typically teenagers in grades 5 and up – have some of the best seats in the house, they help set the tone for our worship, and they get to wear distinctive uniforms.  Best of all, you make God smile with your leadership.  If you are thinking about serving as an acolyte, this is a good time of year to receive training for your responsibilities.  The tasks are not hard, and we have talented folks ready to assist you.  If you want to begin serving or if you need more information, simply contact one of the clergy.

Youth Member of Vestry:  Aquia Church has a position on the Vestry available for a youth member (at least age 16) who meets all the other criteria for election to the Vestry, including:  being a baptized and confirmed member of this parish (or is at least preparing for confirmation) who has contributed financially to the parish during the previous year and is not an immediate relative of any employee of this parish.  If you might be interested in serving in this position for a 12-month term beginning on June 1, please contact Father Morris or senior warden Joe Howard, or our current youth representative, Ashlyne Taylor.

Capital Campaign Matching Challenge and Update: The four Sundays pf June remain in our matching challenge period, which ends on 30 June 2017.  Can you help us reach our goals?

    Thanks to a generous gift from an anonymous source, for 2017 we have a matching challenge for our "Generation to Generation" capital campaign.  Any donation received between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017 from those who have not yet made a pledge to this capital campaign will be matched up to $25,000.00 (in order to encourage new contributions); and any donation received between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017 from those who have already made a pledge to this capital campaign will be matched up to $75,000.00 (in order to encourage the fulfillment of pledges).  The potential income from all sources for this matching challenge alone is two hundred thousand dollars!

    This capital campaign raises funds to pay off the mortgage on our new building for Christian formation and fellowship through gifts above and beyond donations for the general operating budget supporting our everyday mission and ministry.  As of 22 May 2017,  we have received 66 pledges for $626,901.99; of that figure, $644,682.81 has already been paid toward or above those pledges made and $127,314.70 remains to be paid on those pledges.  In addition, 94 households and groups have made non-pledged gifts totaling $94,241.25.  For the matching challenge:  as of 22 May 2017, $20,675.43 has been received from non-pledged sources toward the intended $25,000 grant, and $64,807.00 has been received from pledged sources toward the intended $75,000 grant, for a total of $85,482.43 toward the intended $100,000 combined grant and with around 5 weeks remaining in this matching challenge timeframe.  For the entire duration of the campaign so far, this capital campaign has received $738,924.06 in pledged plus non-pledged gifts.  But now we have a remarkable opportunity to do even more.

    All donations to this capital campaign are tax-deductible and should remain separate from contributions to our everyday mission and ministry.  If you have already made a pledge for the new building, then thank you for that commitment!  If you can make a new pledge or can make a special gift for this matching challenge, then you will help our church to pay off the mortgage more effectively.  Brochures about the capital campaign are available on the tall table at the back of the church or from the church office.  For more information, please contact the capital campaign co-chairs, John Sondermann and Mary Jane Cole.

Morning Call:  Morning Call will not be held on Sunday, May 28 (date of the parish picnic).  But on next Sunday, June 4 (Day of Pentecost), Father Rickenbaker will begin a new summer series on the Epistles of John and Peter in the New Testament.  While these letters from apostolic authorities are fairly brief, they are rich in content and remain helpful for Christian living.  Morning Call is our Sunday morning forum for adult formation and discussion, starting around 10:20am in the great hall of the new building.

What Would Jesus Brew?  On May 30th, at 7pm, our 20s and 30s group will gather again at El Gran Charro Mexican Restaurant (in Aquia Towne Center, across Washington Drive from the church) at 7pm.  Our topic for the gathering will be, “Is the Ascension essential?”  Since the Feast of the Ascension was celebrated this year on May 25th, this is a perfect time to delve deeper into the Ascension story and its implications for today and for salvation history.  We would love to have you join the discussion!

Wednesday Morning Bible Study: Father James Rickenbaker will continue his new series on "Hard Sayings of the Bible" on this Wednesday, May 31 in the new building's conference room downstairs on Wednesday mornings (10:30am—12:00noon).

Wednesday Evening Bible Study:  The series on “The Christian Life according to Paul” will conclude on this Wednesday, May 31.  The group meets 7:00pm--8:30pm n the new building's conference room downstairs.  It resumes with a new bible study in early September.  Meanwhile, be on the look out for new opportunities for Christian formation and fellowship.

New Office Hours:  The church office will be closed on Tuesdays.  Parish administrator Dennise LaBarre will work 8am--4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, and executive assistant Sue Selz will work 8am--4pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  In addition, director of Christian education Kristen Morgan will not be working during the months of July and August.  These changes will help to implement the recent budget cuts enacted by the Vestry.

Cash for Cows & Change for Chickens  - According to Heifer International, nearly one billion people around the world live in extreme poverty.  This year Outreach is raising money to purchase animals to help a family or community in a struggling country.   For example, a milk-producing cow can help a family or community provide nourishment for their children and increase income by selling the surplus milk in the marketplace.   A flock of chickens also can provide food and income.  Each Sunday, starting with Mother's Day and ending on Father's Day, cow and piggy banks will be on the picnic table in front of the Church or in case of rain, in the Great hall.  We are asking for donations of your extra pocket change (cash accepted, too) to fill the banks.  The animals we purchase either through Episcopal Relief and Development or Heifer International, will depend on how full the banks get.   We will select the organization that will provide the most aid with what is collected.

Baby Bottles - After reading about cows and chickens, you are probably wondering why Outreach does not have the baby bottles for the Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center (FPC) as in prior years.  FPC went through some changes this past year and their baby bottle campaign is now in January.  Outreach already had our 2017 projects scheduled; therefore, we decided to aid another worthy cause during this time period.  If you have a baby bottle from last year you can leave it by the cow and piggy banks and we will add those coins to the banks, or if you prefer that the money go to FPC, you can drop the baby bottle off at the Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center.  

Prayer Shawl Ministry: This ministry is continuing in our 5-year commitment to provide blankets and shawls for people in need of comfort.  The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a unique opportunity to offer loving and practical concern for our brothers and sisters in times of difficulty.  However, during the summer months we have found that family activities, summer vacations, and other summer fun make it difficult for some of us to come for weekly meetings.  It also seems a little strange to be knitting or crocheting warm garments in high summer!  We have decided, therefore, to suspend our regular Monday meetings until Fall.  Individual members will continue to knit and crochet, focusing on lightweight garments, and we expect to have casual gatherings in our homes and to keep in touch and work at our ministry.  We will also continue distributing items to those in need.  Once school resumes in the fall, we will return to the pattern of weekly meetings.  If anyone is interested in joining the ministry, now or later, we would be delighted to hear from you.  If you are a beginner, or wish to learn, we can help you, and you can find a wonderful way to help other people.  We are also open to changing the meeting night, if that would be more convenient.  So, we wish all a very pleasant summer, and if anyone has any questions or suggestions, please contact Karen Burrell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   Thank you for your support!

Graduates!! We will be recognizing our 2017 high school/college graduates on a Sunday, June 11th.  We would like each graduate to submit a photo and the following information to the office or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

1) Name of Graduate __________________________________________

2) Graduating from High School/College  ____________________________________________
(Name of school)

3) Future Plans    ______work?     _______college?
    a.  What job do you have or hope to get or what school are you going to attend next?




4) Briefly name your interests/activities or organizations in which graduate participates (please limit this to 3 activities).





The deadline for submission is Thursday, June 1st




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